GamersRule Hosts Live Stream Event for Tower of Time

GamersRule hosts live stream event for Tower of Time

GamersRule announces a live stream event on Wednesday February, 7th at 1:00 PM (CST) (GMT-6) for the RPG Tower of Time and developer Event Horizon. The event will include a special guest from the development team and giveaways for Steam keys of Tower of Time.

Developer Event Horizon continues to go above and beyond when it comes to the PC title Tower of Time. Beautiful handcrafted worlds, 7 character classes, random loot generation with 100,000 combinations, challenging bosses, and 5 difficulty levels are just the beginning of this complex RPG.

Gamers will experience the fascinating “Arrow-Time” combat system which allows the player to slow time, assess his or her surroundings, and plan a strategy. If that’s not enough, try crafting weapons and armor, upgrading a city, or exploring the lore-rich world.

The Early Access edition of Towers of Time includes Books I & II. That includes levels 1 through 7 which are polished and complete, about 30 hours playtime on normal difficulty and 50+ on harder difficulties. Book III is expected to add an additional 10 hours of content.

This much anticipated event will take place on Wednesday February 7th at 1:00 PM (CST) (GMT-6) and a special guest from the developer Event Horizon will be present. GamersRule will also host a giveaway for Tower of Time Steam keys, thanks to the generosity of Event Horizon.

The gaming community is invited to attend via the GamersRule Twitch channel or view the archived footage after the event on YouTube.

The adult gaming community is also invited to participate in events like these as well as other co-op gaming events via the GamersRule Discord.

Tower of Time can be purchased on Steam.

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