Suicide Guy Review


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Chubby Pixel’s morbid game, Suicide Guy, turned out to be a fun challenging experience. The game starts out with you watching TV on the couch and drinking a beer.  Then you doze off and a red alert appears in your dream world warning you that your beer is falling to the ground.  You have to go through 25 levels, well dreams, then find a way to suicide in each and hopefully wake up in time to save your beer!  Despite the dark theme this game may indicate, it’s actually very silly.  And there’s no gore!

You play as a Seth Rogan-looking guy with an obvious beer gut and food stains on his tank top.  He makes goofy sounds when he jumps and grabs onto ledges, which surprisingly never got tiring.

Levels go from simply jumping off a building to waking up a sleeping dragon by trying to make the most noise as possible with the items provided so that he can burn you to a crisp.  Most puzzles takes some thought, others are straightforward.  I can say for myself one that took me a while was when I figured out I had to flood an office.  I had to interact with a computer which set the hard-drive on fire, which then set the sprinklers off.  I didn’t notice until later but a mouse hole and an open window were preventing the office from flooding and I had to move a vending machine and printer to block them off.

I loved that ways to kill yourself got more complex, rather than just jump off a high place or jump in front of a moving vehicle.  One of my favorite levels was causing a nuclear reactor to explode.  The level contained complexity and depth I didn’t expect.

As a big fan of video game music, I thoroughly enjoyed each level’s background music. Video games contain music that naturally play in the background, but not this one.  I found it interesting that each level had radios that the music played from and could be picked up or turned off.  You even use one of them to commit suicide in one level.


It was great to see the references to Indiana Jones, Portal, Mario, Moby Dick, and Jurassic Park(playable character even hummed the theme!).  In a simplified Indiana Jones’ plot, he tries to get treasure and ancient artifacts from temples without setting off booby traps, but in this game it’s the opposite.


An additional challenge this game included were collectible statues that represented the main character.  There is one in each level. Most were in plain sight while others were well hidden. I felt like they could have hidden them more and made them harder to get. I also wish there was a room, or at least an option that let you view them.  Each statue was different and had a peculiar pose.

Overall, I rate this game 8.5/10


  • Really fun and challenging
  • Never got boring
  • Great music
  • Diverse level design
  • Suicide in each level felt satisfying
  • Collectible statue in each level
  • 4+ hours of gameplay


  • Items can sometimes fall through the ground, forcing you to restart
  • Collision is a little off
  • No option to view collectibles and to see if you were missing one from a certain level