Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues


“Short Review”

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a fantasy RPG that combines single player narrative with a sandbox MMO. Created by a team that includes: Richard “Lord British” Garriott the creator of the Ultima series, Starr Long the Director of Ultima Online, and Tracy Hickman the author of Dragonlance. Shroud of the Avatar takes a lot of what Ultima Online had to offer and takes it to a whole new level.

Players can choose to become a tamer to tame the wild creatures in the world of Novia. If the player wants to be a wizard, and also want to be able to wield a sword, and also an ax in addition to that, the game’s no class system allows them to do just that. There are no limits to what you can do, and be in this game.

The world map of the game is different than other MMO’s. To travel from town to town, the player enters an open world type map with an over head view of the world. With that said, when you enter a town, or a zone, you enter an instants, where the area you are at is loaded separately from one another. But I quickly found myself enjoying it more than hating it.

The combat system needs a lot of work. But the combat is fun to use. I have only played a ranger type character. I have got to say, the range combat is really enjoyable.

There is a lot that needs work. The game is in alpha at the moment, with low fps spikes here and there. But it is a fun game, and has so much potential.

“Final Thoughts”

There is a lot to say about Shroud of the Avatar, but only one word comes to mind. Revolutionary. To be able to make, and do whatever you want in this game blows my mind. I haven’t played a game like this since Ultima. If you like old school RPG’s and want freedom from class locked skills, give this game a try.

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