Juanito: Arcade Mayhem Review


Juanito: Arcade Mayhem – The Childhood Nostalgic Trip.

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What Is Juanito: Arcade Mayhem?

Juanito: Arcade Mayhem is an arcade-hopping adventure where you teleport into different video games, play with the mechanics that the original arcade game had, face crazy bosses, and join the fight to save the arcade games from the “Clonocell” invasion.

JAM - DK + Tetris
And I thought normal Tetris was scary..

What Is My Opinion On This Game?

This game was way more than I was expecting when I had hopped into it. I had gone in with some expectations and the animations were really fluid. There was just a great combination of unique art styles mixed with old arcade style of games that just made Juanito: Arcade Mayhem seem like a breath of fresh air. There are so many different games that you can hop through that once you think you have a good strategy you’ll soon find out that theirs a whole new mechanic you will need to learn and master. From Tetris to Pacman to Arkanoid there is so many different arcade games built into this it almost seems like too much from a game that only costs $9.99!

Whats this? Two Player Co-Op?!

– Leaderboards
– Trading Cards
– Full Controller Support
– Achievements
– Original Soundtrack Ranging From 8-Bit To Dubstep
– Steam Cloud (Game Data transfers everywhere)
– Easy Mode, Arcade Mode, Hard Mode
– Amazing Animations
– References Old Games Like Tetris, Qbert, Arkanoid, And More!
– A Story Line
– Hitboxes seem a bit off
– Rating System Seems Score Based, Not Skill Based.
– No Co-Op Story Mode
– Only Local Co-Op
– Player 2 Controls right above the Player 1 Shoot button.

Final Verdict

I give Juanito: Arcade Mayhem a 7/10. I love the amazing art style, the nostalgic trip, and all of these references but there are still some things in the game that do look like a glitch that isn’t supposed to be there and due to the button mapping on the local Co-Op I wouldn’t be able to do it without having one of the players plugging in a controller just to make it convenient. Either way for the price of $9.99 I would highly recommend getting this game.

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