Gorescript Review

A Classic FPS Inspired By Doom And Quake.


Gorescript – The Nostalgic Trip With A Twist

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Gorescript is a FPS game that is inspired by the old classics of the FPS genre that defined what an FPS game could be. If you’re a fan of games such as Doom or Quake you will feel right at home with this game and might even get a nostalgic trip out of it. Now I know what you’re thinking, and no this game isn’t exactly like Doom and Quake, it has its own style of graphics that appeals more to that of a kid demographic but still keeps the feel of a shooter game like Doom.

I wonder what was going on in here.

Lets get right into the first point of this game. The Nostalgic Trip. When I first started playing this game I instantly got the vibes of Doom rather than that of Quake. The reason for this is probably because I had grown up playing Doom and I had never even touched Quake in my life until recently. In Doom there was no such thing as jumping whist in Quake this mechanic existed. What if I told you Gorescript has both mechanics in it? Later on after one or two levels you can find yourself getting boots that changes the game-play from a Doom feel to a Quake feel by allowing jumping.

So much blood with only a hammer!

Now you may be wondering how long would a game like Gorescript take to complete? Well the answer to that would have to be a few hours. Now while hearing a game only takes a few hours could scare off some people who want this game to last a bit longer than a one and done thing and this game can last that long! There are so many different modes ranging from Easy to Masochistic mode and there is also special modes that can be toggled onto your current difficulty, these being Blackout and Permadeath mode. Oh and did I mention that they have a level editor?

They do have a nice skybox.

Finally if you love games like the classic Doom and Quake than this game is a hands down must get. Gorescript is a great experience that even features a built in level editor encase you would like to expand the game a bit and allow for your own twist on things. You can replay old levels over and over again and still have a new experience due to there being randomly generated items each play-through hidden inside of secret areas around the map.

My Final Verdict for this game is a 9/10!
If you are wonder why I rated this game so high please look at the Pros and Cons listed below.

This will take some dodging..

Here’s a Review Video that I had made awhile back but isn’t as updated as this review:

– Steam Achievements
– Trading Cards
– Leaderboards
– So Many Settings
– So Many Difficulties
– A Level Editor
– 6 Different Weapons
– Secret Areas
– Special Permadeath and Blackout Mode
– Unlimited Replay-ability
– Great Soundtrack
– A Unique Art Style

– There are certain ledges you can get stuck on but its possible to get out of those.
– Lack Of Enemies, If there would be more enemies than what is presented I think it would make this game have a bit more of a likable variety compared to “Oh, its the triangle eye again, Time to dodge these eye beams”