Destiny 2 Director Teases A Raid That Is Unlike All The Past Ones


Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith has teased the upcoming shooter’s first raid in an interview with Mashable. Raid 5, as it’s known only right now, will be set in a place that players will “believe is real”. He added that this raid, whatever form it takes, will be unlike the four that came before it.

“Raid 5, when we looked at it, it was about building a place you believe is real. That was our priority,” he said. “A place that you believe could exist. It’s unlike anything we’ve done. The team is incredibly talented; it is a joy to see them work.”

There were 4 raids in destiny 1 which were: Vault of glass, Crota’s End, Kings’ Fall, and Wrath of the Machine. Raid 5 in destiny 2 however is expected to be a lot more exciting and immersive than the previous.

We have already seen some gameplay mixed with some teasers all letting us know what

to expect from the game. Amazing graphics (especially on the PC platform), improved mechanics and new features all push the hype train raised for this game. All in all, destiny 2 is looking to be an amazing game which, in contrast to other recent games, is looking to actually live up to the hype and expectations * mans sky…cough*.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24 for PC. Players can play in a beta for the game starting on July 18 for PS4, July 19 for Xbox One, and in late August for PC.

The late PC release is justified by the the team by saying that they wanted to “make sure we get it right, that we nail it, stick the landing,” and that required a little extra time.

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