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Caveblazers – Spelunky meets Risk of Rain

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Caveblazers is a Rouge-Like platformer made to challenge the player. Journey into the mysterious caves where you will encounter enemies such as Slimes, Orcs, and Goblins that can drop a vast variety of Weapons, Magical Items, and Blessings. Make friends along the journey but be careful, your friends can only survive so many hits until they are left a bloodied Corpse under the goo of a slime.

Caveblazers Friends
Party with your friends while you can! You never know when they could perish.

What Is Caveblazers?

Caveblazers is a indie game created by Rupeck Games and published by The Yogscast. The game takes place in a cave that had just recently been discovered, the cave was said to hold “unimaginable power”. You play as an adventurer who wants to explore the cave and find out what power and riches hide inside of the cave but you’re not the only one looking for the riches and power that is hidden within the cave. As you make it further and further into the caves you find that there are orcs, slimes, and more creatures delving inside friendly and hostile.

Caveblazers Combat
There can only be one!

This game doesn’t hide its self behind a point where you have won the game and its just a cakewalk. Instead the difficulty of this game increases as you get stronger and stronger. No matter what gear you have this game will find a way to kill you, by using explosions, arrows, spikes, un-expected bosses, and even catching yourself on fire with an arrow that freezes you for 5 seconds leaving you vulnerable for hostiles to get easy hits on you. You will die and start again so many times sometimes getting lucky runs and other times getting hit with 6 explosives right off of the bat after going to find a friend that may or may not be hidden deeper inside of the cave.

Caveblazers Mechanics
Who knew lifts could follow where people walk!

Caveblazers whist having a great combat, walking, jumping, and climbing mechanics has one big problem that could turn some players away from this game. While there is so much fun to be had due to the Spelunky and Risk of Rain vibes that this game has given off to its players the story-line built into the game is something completely different. The storyline of this game runs like it was made by a younger person who doesn’t have a vast knowledge of good story-telling tips and tricks. This game uses words in the story-line such as “Faplord” which makes the story-line seem a whole lot less serious when it comes to story-line.

My Final Verdict for this game is a 7/10!

If you are wonder why I rated this game so high please look at the Pros and Cons listed below.

Caveblazers Bats
I personally don’t like bats so this is just scary.

Here is a review I had made of this game! –

– Smart AI
– Trading Cards
– Daily Challenge Runs
– Boss Battles
– Endless Replay-Ability
– Interesting Character Customization
– Amazing Combat
– Smooth Controls
– Perks To Make You Stronger
– Amazing Pixel-Art Style
– Tons Of Items And Power-Ups (Blessings)
– Amazing Soundtrack, Worth buying the Soundtrack DLC

– Storyline
– Ranged Is More Imporant Than Melee
– Can Only Climb Up Walls In Jumping Reach
– Item Dropped From Crates Scatter Everywhere.

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